Page 13: Tour company explores two cities

There has been a lot of talk in the tourism industry about marketing all of the coast instead of individual cities competing against each other.

A tour company in Biloxi is working with Ocean Springs to put both cities in the spotlight.

Coastal Mississippi's abundance of natural beauty draws visitors to our shores.

People can climb on board the Sail Fish at the Biloxi Small Craft Harbor for a first hand look at the rich heritage of our seafood industry.

"We take visitors out to show them the shrimp industry on the coast," said Brandy Moore, owner of the Biloxi Tour Company.

They also invite tourists to explore South Mississippi from the comfort of a bus.

Biloxi resident Bones Barq is one of the tour company's guides.

He knows the city's history and talks about some of the best known landmarks.

As the bus passes the Biloxi lighthouse Barq shares a story "It's the only lighthouse in the middle of a four lane highway," Barq says.

Recently the Biloxi Tour Company struck a deal with the Ocean Springs Chamber of Commerce.

"I figured if we brought them over there it would be a great way to branch out and bring the two cities together," said Brandy Moore.

The arrangement gives guests a look at everything from the famed Shearwater Pottery Studios to the murals on the east side of the Biloxi Ocean Springs bridge.

While in Ocean Springs guests are invited to go on a self guided tour.

They get off the bus and explore the charming shops and restaurants on scenic Washington Avenue.

From the Walter Anderson Museum of Art in Ocean Springs to the Katrina Memorial in Biloxi, it's a tale of two cities by land and by sea.