Deputy testifies Snyder said he should have left the scene

JACKSON COUNTY, MS (WLOX) - Kaytlynn Brann's family members sat in court Wednesday and listened to witnesses describe the last moments of the teen's life. It was the second day of testimony in the trial of off-duty Pascagoula police officer Daniel Snyder, who is charged with leaving the scene of an accident.

Prosecutors say Snyder hit the 16-year-old as she walked along Point Aux Chenes Road with her friend In Jackson County last year. Brann later died from her injuries.

Kaytlynn Brann's family was emotional at times as they listened to witnesses recall that day.

"You heard a thump, the truck then spun into our subdivision," said witness Damian Orslene.

"There was glass shattered in the middle of the road," Jackson County resident Clifton Seay said.

"At that particular moment, there was a blood-curdling scream," Orslene said.

That scream they believe came from Brann who was in a ditch.

Jackson County resident Clifton Seay testified he jumped out his car to help, but the driver of the truck had disappeared.

"I went to find out who had hit this young lady and was looking everywhere and there were no vehicles or anything."

Seay said after the ambulance and law enforcement arrived, Snyder then walked up to him and said he hit the girl.

"I was a little bit shocked at first to why he would have left, but my wife kind of pulled me one way and he kind of went with the lady officer," Seay said.

That officer was Reserve Deputy Hemakshiben Bhakta. She testified that Snyder showed up seven to 10 minutes after she arrived on scene.

"At that time, he stated that he was the one that hit the girl. So I asked him for his identification. I asked him had he been drinking, and he stated, 'No,'" said Bhakta.

The prosecution then questioned several other deputies who claimed Snyder told them he was drinking.

"I was standing 10 to 12 feet away when I heard him say, 'I did drink a couple of beers earlier in the day,'" Deputy Lance Eubanks said. He also testified that Snyder told him, "I should have done like everybody else in Mississippi and left the scene."

Traffic officer Deputy Wendell Green testified that after Snyder took two breathalyzer tests at the scene. After the second one tested positive for alcohol, he was arrested and taken to sheriff's office for the more official intoxilyzer test, which he refused. Investigators then obtained a warrant for a blood sample.

During cross examination, the defense pointed out that driving impaired is not a charge in this case. And that Snyder never lied about hitting Brann, he was forthcoming with information about the accident, and he also called 911 twice to get Brann help.

The state then rested its case and the defense made a plea for dismissal, but the judge denied the motion. Court resumes Thursday at 8:30 a.m.

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