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Arrested blogger's brother speaks out on photo of Cochran's wife

JACKSON, MS (Mississippi News Now) -

Clayton Kelly's brother says he received a call about five hours after the video containing Rose Cochran's picture was removed from YouTube. He says his brother took it down voluntarily, not at someone's request.

"When he called me, he told me about the video," said his brother. "And I was like you're really putting yourself in the middle of a campaign fire that you probably don't want to be a part of. Not thinking he had done anything illegal."

The question of how he got into St. Catherine's Village is one his brother says has a simple answer.

"He told me," he said. "He went up in there and they gave him a visitors pass and let him on in. And he said he never went into the room. He just walked by, snapped a picture. Her door was wide open."

Still, he isn't convinced this was all his brother's idea.

"Knowing my brother, I don't believe he would've done this by hisself," said Kelly. "I believe somebody asked him to."

Cochran's camp says they're waiting to see what investigators find.

"We looked into it and as soon as we had our facts in, we handed it over to Senator Cochran's attorney," said communications director Jordan Russell. "We believed that what we were looking was something that rose to the level of a crime."

Both campaigns said they were alerted to the video the day it was posted.

"I think they need to clarify all these contradictions that they've had," said Jordan Russell in reference to the McDaniel campaign. "I'm not even sure what they're latest version of events are."

Chris McDaniel said Monday he doesn't know who the man's linked to.

"I just know in every campaign, in every movement, every group, there's going to be some people that I don't agree with," McDaniel explained. "He's dead wrong the way he behaved. He should not have done that. And like I said earlier, there's no way in a million years we would condone that."

McDaniel didn't mention Kelly in his prepared remarks to a crowd at Cock of the Walk in Pocahantas, MS Monday. He addressed it instead to reporters after the speech.

"The campaign does not know this person," McDaniel said. "We are not associated with this person. He was a lone wolf. He was doing this on his own. It's despicable. He has to pay the price for doing it and we hope that happens."

Clayton Kelly's brother said, "None of us known what he had done had been illegal. Knowing my brother, if he in his mind had thought anything was illegal, he wouldn't have done it."

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