Biloxi firefighters lend a hand to first responders in Louisville

BILOXI, MS (WLOX) - Eight Biloxi firefighters including Fire Chief Joe Boney made the four hour drive north to Louisville, Mississippi Sunday afternoon to give aid to tornado victims.

The first part of their mission involves helping first responders with serious damage to their homes and yard.

Boney and Captain David Williams were the first of eight Biloxi Firefighters to arrive at the station before a week long relief effort in Louisville.

Thoughts of the help they received from Pensacola firefighters after Hurricane Katrina are still fresh on their minds.

"When I went home after those 16 days some firefighters had come in and put a new roof, took the trees off and my house was whole again," said Boney.

"When those guys showed up at my house after Katrina that was the biggest relief I've ever felt knowing I was going to have help to do all the things I needed to do," said Williams.

Boney says he's already made one trip to Louisville since the twister. That's when he met with city officials to find out what their immediate needs were.

"They've all expressed a need for their people; they have people who have damage. And that's why I say we're going to start there and work for them first," said Boney about assisting first responders first.

Two vehicles were loaded up with supplies and equipment including an excavator, four wheelers, food, and hand tools.

"We're going to do some clean up in their yards. Basically get all the debris that's in their yards to the street so it can be picked up," said Williams.

"If we go in and offer the help to our brother firefighters they're going to accept our help, a lot of times, a lot easier. They know what it's like," said Boney.

With their suitcases in tow they made the final check of their supplies and left to help their brothers in need.

Chief Boney says the community donated $2,000 towards the relief effort and others like Mary Mahoney's donated food.

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