Long Beach High School band hosts a carnival to raise funds

LONG BEACH, MS (WLOX) - The Long Beach High School Band reaped the benefits from a different kind of fundraiser over the weekend. The band's booster club got together and decided it was time to do something different to raise money. What they came up with was a carnival.

"We're always looking for innovative ways to earn money," said Christina Edwards.

Edwards is with the booster club and said the band got tired of selling cookie dough and jewelry to raise funds.

"We were just looking at a different way to make it bigger and better," said Edwards.

The idea of a carnival stood out as the best way to achieve that bigger and better status. Instead of going door to door, asking for friends and family to buy something out of a catalogue, the booster club wanted to provide more bang for the buck. That buck is something that helps the band continue on its track of great opportunities.

"Without doing these extra things, then they miss out on competitions. There's certain competitions they can't go to if we don't have the budget," said Edwards.

The booster club believes this fair reaches a wider audience than most other fund raisers. This is the second year for the fair to be a part of the band's fundraising efforts, but it's the first year to be in a prime location at the corner of Jeff Davis Avenue and Highway 90. When people see attractions like this on the side of the highway, they tend to stop by and have a good time.

Sunday was the last day of the three day carnival in Long Beach. The band hopes to bring the fair back again next year.

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