Local groups remind children to play it safe this summer

BILOXI, MS (WLOX) - Several local groups have come together to remind children and their parents to play it safe. In the next couple of weeks, summer break will start for kids all across the Coast, which means children will be at home and playing outside more.

The Biloxi Excel by Five program along with Parks and Recreation Services teamed up to host a safety event where they taught children and their parents about home, fire, bus, water, sun and pool safety.

"On our home safety, the kids learn about good and bad items. The parents get a hand out that's called 'Home Safety for Children'," said Biloxi Excel by Five Coordinator, Susan Hunt.

May is also Bicycle Safety Month, so volunteers with the Biloxi High School football team helped the children through an obstacle course so they could get more comfortable with riding their bikes.

"With the bicycle safety, basically just comes safety on how to ride a bike, how to fit your helmet, which is very important. They can also register their bikes with the police in case they get stolen," said Director of Parks and Recreation, Sherry Bell.

Another important part of child safety, especially in the summer, is remembering to never leave your child or pet in a hot car.

"It can get to 120 degrees inside a car real quick in South Mississippi in the summertime. The parents aren't intentionally leaving them. They are just going to run in for a minute then there's a long line, and it takes longer than a minute and the child is suffering in the car," said Sgt. Jackie Rhodes, with the Biloxi Police Department.

Rhodes says there is no safe way to leave your children or an animal in the car. Even if your windows are cracked, it's still not enough.

"They can face child neglect charges, depending on if the child passes, then that could be a homicide charge. For animals, they can face cruelty to animal charges," said Rhodes.

Walmart helped sponsor the event and gave away free helmets to the first 50 children who attended.

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