Volunteers hit the pavement to improve Moss Point schools

MOSS POINT, MS (WLOX) - Volunteers with a national non-profit organization hit the pavement today to hear parent's and citizen's concerns in an effort to help improve the Moss Point School District. The district has been working to increase low state test scores and promote non-violence after a child died following a school fight earlier this year.

This is the first of many walks to help get the community involved with education.

Residents of the Kreole Community in Moss Point got a surprise knock on their doors Saturday. It was from Parents for Public School Volunteers. They're part of a non-profit that promotes and strengthens public schools by engaging, educating and mobilizing parents.

They went door to door hearing how the quality of education in the city could be boosted.

"I think it is going to send a strong message to parents and the business community that we want your feedback and want to use your feedback to improve our schools," volunteer Anthony Herbert said.

One page surveys were used to get input. Each person was asked to name their top three concerns in schools.

"We have academics as a concern, accreditation, alcohol and drugs, bullying, parental involvement, quality teachers and school safety," volunteer Maya Robinson said to the residents.

The parents and community member's concerns seemed to vary.

"Bullying, school safety and accreditation," one parent said.

"One would have to be the quality of teachers, and then academics and parental involvement," another parent said.

Volunteers said the surveys will be shared with Moss Point school officials. This information is not being used to point fingers. Instead, they hope it's used to increase the student's success rate.

"We actually had some representatives out from the school district. I have children of my own, and I understand how important it is to show kids we truly care and we are willing to make the investment in them," said Herbert.

That's why volunteers also encouraged the people they visited to get more involved in local school programs including the Parent Teacher Organization, Moss Point Partners in Education and many more.

"Don't just sit at home and gripe and complain. The children hear you doing that and that takes away from their desire to do better," volunteer Allen Powell said. "If you come out and get involved, you will find it will help your child as well as the school district."

PPS partnered with Church of Living God in Moss Point to host this neighborhood walk. There was also a meeting and discussion period after the event held at the church for the public.

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