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Woman dies following apartment fire, Jackson officer saves 7 children's lives

JACKSON, MS (Mississippi News Now) -

A woman found unconscious during a morning apartment fire has died. The fire started at the Melrose Place Apartment Complex around 4:30 Friday morning.

The woman was found in a bedroom by firefighters. She was taken to UMC, but did not survive.

However, another story from the fire has a happier ending, and a JPD patrol officer is being credited for saving the lives of 7 children.

Patrol Officer James Edwards is being called a hero. Edwards was patrolling his beat when he noticed the apartments were on fire.

Seconds later one of the tenants ran out on his second floor balcony, Edwards immediately saw him.

The man began screaming telling Edwards there were children inside his burning home.

Edwards says from there adrenaline and training took over; "He [the tenant] would lower the kids down by their arms and I would just kind of catch them as he would throw them down to me, [and] get them to a safe location.... Come back, he would drop the other one down to me and I got that one to a safe location."

Chief Lindsay Horton says during this intense blaze time was of the essence and Edwards did not have time to call for backup or help. 

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