Strong thunderstorms flood coast streets

SOUTH MISSISSIPPI (WLOX) - Strong thunderstorms caught many South Mississippians by surprise on Wednesday. Streets and yards flooded instantly, making it almost impossible to get around.

For the Emergency Operation Center, strong storms always require extra attention, no matter how big or small. Multiple monitors are constantly tuned in to weather forecasts and major media outlets. That way, when a storm rolls through, it doesn't take the coast by surprise.

EOC Director Rupert Lacy made sure his department was ready.

"Around noon time, a little bit before, we started to see the thunderstorms develop. We knew that we were going to have some rain. It created an urban flooding situation, especially along Highway 90," said Lacy.

Urban flooding happens when extremely heavy rain falls in a short amount of time. Areas of Pass Christian, Long Beach and Gulfport quickly became overrun with flood waters. Joseph Boisvenue frequently deals with flooding in Long Beach.

"When we have a real heavy rain, three to four inches at a time in rapid succession, my back property floods," said Boisvenue.

This flood was faster than most, but it wasn't the highest it's been.

"Currently, we've got about three feet of water in the back of the yard," said Boisvenue.

He has been on the coast since 1968 and has lived in this house since 1996. Being a coast resident for that long, Boisvenue has safety measures in place, like the a pile of sandbags at the end of his driveway.

To this day, he considers himself lucky to say that the water hasn't reached his home.

"Not yet, anyway. Hopefully it will never happen," said Boisvenue.

Most of the water receded quickly after the rains stopped.

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