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EUB vote to terminate LP&L CEO fails

LP&L CEO Gary Zheng LP&L CEO Gary Zheng

Lubbock's Electric Utility Board considered the continuedemployment of LP&L Director and CEO Gary Zheng on Wednesday afternoon. Thevote to terminate him failed.

It was a heated debate when the issue came up for a vote withCharlie Dunn brining forward the motion. He continued to talk about thesituation before Jerry Bell interjected. Chairman Taylor intervened asking Dunnto wrap up his comments for going off topic.

The vote failed 6 to 3. Clayton Isom and Charlie Dunn voted toremove Zheng while James Conwright abstained, accounting for the thirdvote.

"There are constant issues with RFPs,there seems to be no lack of controversy and I believe that a new, freshleadership would eliminate most all of those issuses," said Isom. "Thereare board members that feel very strongly on both sides of the issue and I feelvery strongly that this organization needs a different direction in leadership.So far the new members on the board have not been able to coalesce around theissue of new leadership."

Electric Utility Board Chairman Greg Taylor defended Zheng.

"Gary Zheng has a tremendous amount oftalent, ability, he's a tremendous asset to LP&L and those abilities areimportant to what we're trying to do," he said. "If we were to havean incident like we had a year ago with the power outage, we need a Gary Zhengthere to run the shop so it's really about what's best for the continuance ofLP&L as we go forward."

Taylor feels the board is doing what's best for the peopleof Lubbock.

"He's a lightening rod, there's no doubt about that but theasset that he is to LP&L and to the City of Lubbock is what weighs heavilyon our boards mind," said Taylor. "Evaluating his skill set and how he performshis job as CEO is definitely the responsibility of our board."

Even with the heated atmosphere chairman Taylor says theboard is focused on the same goal of doing what is best for Lubbock.

"We have a lot of opinions, we have a passionate discussionand I can tell you that this board is much closer than it may appear from yourperspective. We are much closer in dealing with the essential elements of themanaging of LP&L than it may appear from your point of view."

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