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Children's Miracle Network chooses six-year-old ETX boy as ambassador

2014 Texas Champion Will Butts (Source:KLTV Staff) 2014 Texas Champion Will Butts (Source:KLTV Staff)
TYLER, TX (KLTV) - A remarkable six-year-old East Texan named Will Butts was chosen as the 2014 Texas Champion Ambassador for Children's Miracle Network Hospitals. Will has defied odds since before he was born. He was diagnosed with Hanhart Syndrome, an uncommon birth defect which caused him to be born without feet and with partially formed hands. However, what he lacks physically hardly slows Will down.

Although doctors told him he would never be able to run or jump, Will has proven them wrong.

Will's mom, Katie, says he is so active and expressive that others quickly forget what he lacks physically.

“He’s done kung fu and t-ball and soccer and he plays and he runs really hard outside. He's a lot of fun. He's got hand and feet differences, but it's [just] a part of Will. It adds a whole other element, but that is not all of Will. He's just Will and he's a lot of fun to be a mom to,” she said.

His dad, Reagan, says he's amazed every day with Will's strength and courage.

“Will has taught both my wife and I so much about what it takes and what it means to be brave and what it means to be able to handle things that are beyond your years and to grow from that and encourage others and at the same time have fun while doing it,” he said.

As an ambassador for Children's Miracle Network, Will will be traveling to Washington D.C.

When asked who he wants to meet most in Washington, he said, “Bo! [The president’s dog]”

Children's Miracle Network Hospitals fully funds the special needs clinic where Will receives his care. The clinic is the only one of its kind between Dallas and Shreveport and treats more than 500 children.

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