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High Dollar Homes: The barn in the woods


Simplicity. That's the feeling you get in a rural area of St. Tammany Parish. A Folsom family loves nature so much that they live in a barn in the woods. But this is a barn like nothing you've ever seen.

"Very peaceful and serene,"said Suzy McDaniel with Dorian Bennet Sotheby's. "There's a real Zen to it."

Trees speak to you in the woods off Highway 1077.

"It's 50 acres of land and they're beautifully landscaped and kept," McDaniel said.

This is where a treasure is tucked away, shielded by luscious green.

There is has a welcoming feel to the house. Like Thoreau's cabin in the woods at Walden, time has weathered the house. Look again, and you'll see it really doesn't look like a house at all.

"It was originally a large barn, and Arthur Middleton designed part of the barn into the house,"McDanielsaid. "But you can still see some of the original elements of the barn in the house."

Step through the door to wide open space in harmony with nature.

"The house is finished out with cypress wood," McDaniel said. "All these posts and rails are cypress. These represent all the stalls, and you go in the barn later, you'll see all the stalls that are still there."

Two powerful figures made by a Louisiana artist guard a brick fireplace. The barn roof brings in light to bathe the art.

"It melds a lot of different cultures in here," McDaniel said. "It's a lot of Indian influence and a lot of natural influence."

The kitchen is the heart of the home. Wood brings a warm and earthy feel. The dining room isn't formal at all, but is accented by a custom stained glass masterpiece.

And in a couple of the old barn stalls, a library corner for lazy afternoons.

The screened porch is the perfect spot for an afternoon nap overlooking an  herb garden.

The house has five bedrooms, four full baths, and 5,500 square feet of living space.

Behind the fireplace, a hidden stairway leads to the master bedroom. Grand in scope, it's a room filled with light, space and rustic charm. A balcony overlooks sprawling gardens below. Rich wood and  a claw-foot tub accent the master bath,

Another  bedrooms upstairs  exudes comfort, and there's plenty of room for children.

There is a bedroom convenient for guests who want their privacy, complete with in-suite bath.

A home school room is large and functional, but the surprises are outside the back door.

The barn gives a glimpse of what the house looked like before it was renovated in the 1980s.

"In the barn area you'll notice a lot of the skulls of the cattle," McDaniel said. "They call it the ghost herd, and it pays homage to the cattle they had on the land. They could convert the barn back to a working barn.It would be easy."

Oak trees ring a spacious clearing. You can breathe here and enjoy the fresh air. Tucked into the corner an outdoor room, you can best hear and see the little Tchfuncte trickling by.

The barn in the woods: Easy living just an hour outside the city, but light years from the stress of an ordinary day.

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