Beauvoir artifacts returning to library

BILOXI, MS (WLOX) - The Jefferson Davis Presidential Library at Beauvoir was completed one year ago. The facility tells the story of Jefferson Davis, the only President of the Confederacy.

Over the last year, the display cases have been empty, but that is changing.

Inside the library, artifacts fill exhibition halls with items that depict Davis' life and the lives of Confederate soldiers.

"It gives the public a look at the weapons, flags and uniforms. We also have civilian artifacts from the Davis family," said Richard Forte, with Beauvoir.

Slowly but surely the exhibit space is being filled with the library's collection. Many artifacts are being kept in a special place.

Forte took us to the facility's vault where we saw artifacts that survived Hurricane Katrina or have been secured recently and are in storage, waiting to be put on permanent display.

The Sons of Confederate Veterans owns Beauvoir and is dedicated to showing historical pieces of the Civil War.

"The general public doesn't have any idea of what these Confederate and Union soldiers went through during that period," said Curator Pat Alford.

A concerted effort is underway to take inventory of Beauvoir's collection.  The goal is to make the library worthy of Jefferson Davis' place in history.

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