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Battle over Lorenzen Wright's money continues in court

Robinson says everything she has done is for her children. Robinson says everything she has done is for her children.

(WMC) - A courtroom battle over money is pitting the ex-wife of murdered Memphis NBA star Lorenzen Wright against his father. The fight centers on how the money should be spent.

Wright's father, Herb, is suing to put a bank in charge of his son's trust money, after Sherra Robinson, who is now remarried, spent $970,000 of Wright's $1 million life insurance policy in 10 months.

Herb takes issue with the money being spent on new homes, luxury cars, a pool, and vacations, without setting aside education or health insurance money for five of Wright's children. Wright's sixth child is now an adult.

Robinson says everything she has done is for her children.

While Herb's attorney, Ruby Wharton, says there is only $5.08 left of the life insurance money, Robinson's attorney, Christopher Donovan, says 95 percent of the money is in tact in assets via real estate properties Robinson purchased in Arkansas and East Shelby County.

In court on Wednesday, Wharton grilled Robinson about her spending practices, going line by line through Robinson's accounting records asking why she spent more than $5,000 in one day at a high-end store for bedding, custom drapes, and other items for two of her daughters' bedrooms.

Robinson said the costs fell in line with what she bought.

Wharton questioned why the trust made so many automatic payments to Robinson's American Express account.

Wright said that she and Lorenzen Wright Jr. were on that account and the money was used for the home. Wharton pointed out that the son she was talking about has wrecked two luxury cars.

Wharton asked why the kids have no current health insurance or an education fund.

Robinson said her new husband, a Shelby County Sheriff's Office patrolman, asked to put the kids on his health insurance and they are still waiting for the answer.

Wharton asked about another expenditure for their house: a $30,000 fence. Robinson said she spent an additional $17,000 of her own money on the fence. She said her realtor told her it would add curb appeal.

Robinson has a babysitting service and is now an ordained minister.

The big question to be answered in the coming days will be exactly how much money is left in the trust. Every side to the case has a different answer.

The hearing could run into next week.

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