Coroner: Graves desecrated at Wolf River Cemetery

HARRISON COUNTY, MS (WLOX) - Harrison County's coroner calls it "total disrespect for the dead."

Harrison County investigators recently received a court order to uncover a 13-year-old grave at Wolf River Cemetery. A criminal investigation is now underway, based on what they discovered while they meticulously dug up that grave.

Coroner Gary Hargrove tells WLOX News family members noticed a disturbance at the gravesite about a month ago. They were shocked to see a much greater disturbance about a week ago. That's when they contacted authorities.

Tuesday, both the coroner and detectives confirmed to WLOX News that the graves had been disrupted. They're now searching for clues to find who could be responsible.

Out of respect to the deceased and the family, identities are not being released.

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