Former Hostage Shares Story Of Faith and Hope

"I have the same policy as our government does with hostage takers. You can't negotiate with them because it'll just get worse . It's bad that some people are gonna have to sacrifice their lives in the beginning but that's just the way it is with these people. You have to deal with them firm," said Thomas Hamill.

I sat down with Thomas Hamill before he was scheduled to sign copies of his new book at the Pass Christian Bookstore.

We briefly talked about his ordeal in Iraq, where rebels threatened to kill him unless the U.S. withdrew its troops.

Yet in the aftermath of the event he says made him a stronger person, he has no fear of returning to the war zone.

"I said if you need me, I'm willing to go. We've got a job to do. The way I feel if we don't pass the buck on, if we don't stop it now, my kids are gonna have to deal with it 30 years from now. My grandkids are gonna have to deal with it and it would just be even worse then. The longer we let it go, the worse it's gonna be," said Hamill.

Hamill believes the United States is there for a good reason, and the military should see its mission through until the end.

And those are some of his observances he shares in his new book - a book he decided to write with author Paul Brown after returning home to thousands of letters from people all over the world.

Many of those letters ended with "We want to read your story when it is written."

Well, it's written, and Hamill says this book, along was his life, is only happening through the grace of God.

"God took me through that and brought me out of that for me just depending on him and my faith and trust in him brought me through that and I thank Him everyday for that. Everyday," said Hamill.

"Escape in Iraq: The Thomas Hamill Story" was released on October 11, and can be found in bookstores throughout South Mississippi.