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Notes left in lockers spread positive message

The "Masked Muffins" The "Masked Muffins"

LOUISVILLE, KY (WAVE) - Notes are showing up in the lockers of a local middle school, but this isn't a story about bullying. Instead it's just the reverse. Three Highland Middle School students are passing notes of encouragement and they're not just passing them to their friends. They set out to make the entire 8th grade smile.

Lauren Bale, Kennedy Nodler and Jessica Maillo wanted to do something to make their classmates feel good. We all know that middle school isn't the easiest place to be.

"We all started thinking about how we want to do something better for people who are not as happy all the time or feel down about themselves and so we wanted to make a bunch of positive notes and give them to people," Bale said.

It took them close to a month to write out more than 370 notes and quotes on index cards.  When they were finished, all the 8th graders had positive messages waiting in their lockers.

Maillo said she and her friends watched the reaction together, "At the end of school, when everybody came to their lockers, we just all kind of huddled up in like a corner and we just saw it."

"There was this one little boy and he was like a little kid that you wouldn't really expect to care about it, someone who would pick it up and throw it and there was no one else in the hallway so we kind of like looked around, around his shoulders and everything and he took it and he smiled and he put it in his folder," remembered Bale.

"We just looked at each other and we were like, 'guys we did it,'" said Nodler. "This talk, this dream of making everyone smile actually came true."

Bale, Nodler and Maillo may not know it, but with their positive messages in a way they've made their school's dreams -- or at least one of its goals -- come true too.

Principal Steven Heckman explained that Highland is an International Baccalaureate School and said one of the goals is, "that you develop caring people to make a more peaceful world and where I see kids doing things like this just in their own school and community, I think that's where that starts."

He said students at Highland are continually coming up with ways to do something like that and other students from other grades have taken inspiration from Bale, Nodler and Maillo.

The three girls have started an Instagram account as well under the pseudonym they used to write their original notes -- Masked Muffins -- to continue spreading their positive messages.

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