Jackson Co. leaders find $500k to fix narrow, aging road

JACKSON COUNTY, MS (WLOX) - If you've ever driven on Money Farm Road in Jackson County, then you know about the traffic headaches and drainage problems there. Those problems could soon come to an end. Jackson County Supervisors said they have found some extra cash to finish the improvement project they began earlier this year.

Travis Rose lives on Money Farm Road and said it's in really bad shape.

"This road has been a bottleneck here in Jackson County for a long time," Rose said. "It was first paved about 12 years ago, and since then it has been used to get traffic out of St. Martin East Elementary."

There also signs posted to let drivers know the narrow, two lane road is shutdown to one lane to handle school traffic during peak hours. Residents said when both lanes are open, it can be an even a bigger headache.

"When cars come through here, especially when you have two cars coming through at a time, you have bushes much closer to the road than this and it is has just always been a problem," Rose said.

Drainage is also a problem on the road.

"This road has always been washed out and full of potholes," Rose said.

Supervisor Troy Ross said road crews began to give this area a makeover at the beginning of the year, but didn't have all the funding to finish it.

"The road department was doing a great job of conserving resources and when they had leftover funds, dirt or time they would go work on this project and do it in house," Ross said.

Monday, the county supervisors gave the road department the green light to use some leftover money from a 2010 road improvement bond issue.

"We found a bond issue where we closed out some projects and they had a half million dollars left."

Ross said the $500,000 will change the entire look and feel of the road, as well as finally eliminate the drainage woes.

"Pretty much it [Money Farm Road] was a narrow two lane road, but it really was a lane and a half. It wasn't a wide road. It is going to be a full two lane road and it will have turning lanes available where they are needed for the school, as well as entry and access to Highway 609."

Rose said that's wonderful news and he anticipates a smoother safer ride. County leaders said the goal is to complete the project before school begins this fall semester.

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