Hiller Park Carnival wraps up a weekend of fun

BILOXI, MS (WLOX) - The first Hiller Park Carnival in Biloxi wrapped up a fun weekend on Sunday. Families enjoyed rides, food and fun for three days, and it was all part of a fundraiser to restore Hiller Park.

"I want Hiller Park back on the map for Biloxi as a landmark again," said Biloxi City Council member, Dixie Newman.

Newman created the Hiller Park Revitalization Committee. The committee works with the Parks and Recreation Department to raise money for park improvements.

Together, Newman and the committee came up with a unique approach to gather funds; a carnival. The people enjoying the event shared Newman's opinion.

"I do believe they need to upgrade a little bit. You know, just upgrade the fields, you know, just make everything look a little bit better," said Jacoby Bell.

Bell and his daughter were returning visitors to the carnival.

"I don't get out much, so this is actually my third day here. I like to get out with my daughter and show her a great time," said Bell.

He wasn't the only one out with his family enjoying the fun. Archie Thomas brought his children out to the park not knowing he would stumble into an event like this. He's only lived in Biloxi for a year, but can already see the importance of Hiller Park. He said he's glad to see revitalization efforts in action.

"I think it means a lot to the community, because it really pulls folks together, you know, and they have kids and it gives them time to even mingle with the other kids and enjoy themselves," said Thomas.

That's something the revitalization committee says is the goal of events like this.

Newman said the goal for the carnival was to raise $10,000. The county offered to match the funds to go towards a new playground and new bathrooms. Other future improvements include new tennis courts and a splash pad.

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