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Tornado shelter business booming post-storm

JACKSON, MS (Mississippi News Now) -

Wild weather patterns are serving as a wake up call for many families. Some folks are starting to re-examine where they should go in the case of an emergency.

Leslie Tullos' family waited out last week's storm inside the very product they've built a business around. The family owns Tornado Shelters of Jackson.

"This is where we found our protection,"Tullos explained as she stood in the shelter. "This is solid steel. It is 2x2 steel tubing that runs along the sides, as well as the ceiling. Then we have Hilti anchor bolts that actually bolt this down to a concrete foundation."

The latest tornado outbreak has forced many families to rethink their "safe place".

"We have gotten probably a 300% increase in calls," explained Tullos. "People are buying these. They are ready. They're saying we've had enough, we're tired of being scared. We want to have the security."

This company is one of many. Their shelters start at $5,000. That size will hold six people comfortably. Each shelters is built for the families' needs.

"I have care insurance," Tullos explained. "I have homeowners insurance in case something happens. This is almost like a life insurance policy. Because once you put your family inside a shelter, they are safe."

There are underground shelters but these free standing models seem to be most popular. There's even one inside the Gluckstadt Fire Department.

Some communities have safe rooms. But a map from MEMA shows that the majority of those are in the coastal counties with others scattered across the state.

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