Creating seafood paella with the Beau Rivage

Paella ( Spanish Jambalaya )

1 T Spanish paprika, 2 T fresh oregano, salt and pepper, 2 T Spanish olive olive

12 each  -  Chicken wings 1st and 2nd joint

¼ cup olive oil

2# Chorizo sausage

1 Sweet Onion, 4 garlic cloves, 1 bunch flat leaf parsley

1 can 15 oz rotel tomato

4 cups rice

½ cup red wine

6 cups chicken broth , more if needed

1 tsp saffron, salt, pepper

Mussels, Clams, Shrimp, Crab, Lobster, Calamari

Season chicken and let sit 30 minutes, heat oil in paella pan add sausage and cook until browned.

Remove sausage add chicken and brown on all sides, remove chicken add onion, garlic and parsley and cook on medium heat 3 to 5 minutes. Add rice and cook until rice turns bright white about 60 seconds, add wine and rotel reduce until almost dry. Add 2 cups broth, saffron, salt and pepper and bring to simmer, return chix and chorizo and simmer 15 minutes adding more broth as needed. Add additional seafood as desired placing carefully in different areas of pan. Cook additional 10 minutes or until done adding more broth as needed.

When all is done turn on high heat and cook until rice smells toasty about 30 seconds.

Garnish w/ parsley and chives.

Information Source: Keisha Oliver

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