DMR employees granted separate trials in corruption case

HARRISON COUNTY, MS (WLOX) - We're following a new developments in the corruption case involving former DMR employees Tina Shumate and Joe Zeigler.

According to a judge's order, Shumate and Zeigler will have separate trials.

Shumate and Zeigler were scheduled to be in court June 2nd.

But, in pre-trial motions, Shumate's attorney argued the defendants should have separate trials, because being in court together could prejudice a jury.

The judge hearing their case agreed with that assessment.

New trial dates are not included in the judge's order.

As you probably know, Shumate is accused of federal program fraud.

Zeigler faces mail fraud charges.

Both defendants were indicted in a federal probe of DMR activities that led to the ouster of the agency's director Bill Walker.

Dr. Walker has already pleaded guilty to a conspiracy charge in that indictment.

His sentencing is June 5.

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