WLOX Editorial: Congratulations to Stennis Space Center

We extend our congratulations to the 5,000 workers of Stennis Space Center in Hancock County. You are all a part of the recent achievement of an engineering milestone involving rocket engines. Rocket engines, that will eventually carry astronauts to Mars and beyond.

The successful cold-shock test of engine piping taking the pipes' temperature to minus 320 degrees may sound benign, but the experts at Stennis tell us this is very important. Temperatures can swing as much as 500 degrees when engines are fired or shut down.

Stennis played a big role in the Apollo moon program and the space shuttle program.  At this engineering milestone and as we look to travel deeper into space, we are proud of the work of everyone who contributes at Stennis in Hancock County, Mississippi.

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Rick Williams
WLOX-TV General Manager

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