Fishermen speak out about shortened Red Snapper Season

BILOXI, MS (WLOX) - They're passionate about their fishing and not happy about the shortened red snapper season. That's why fishermen packed the Department of Marine Resources special meeting Tuesday night in Biloxi.

The season was cut to only 11 days after commercial fishermen filed suit claiming recreational fishermen need to be more accountable for their catch. Recreational fishermen are upset that there is a limited opportunity now to catch the popular game fish.

"I want to see the season become longer than it has the last two years because I don't think a 40 day season, much less a 11 day season, is fair for people who work four and five days a week," said James Pack, a recreational fisherman.

This year's season has already been set, but recreational fishermen hope their input will help lengthen next year's season.

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