D'Iberville city leaders hear public comments on possible mayor pay increase

D'IBERVILLE, MS (WLOX) - Should the mayor of D'Iberville get a $21,000 pay raise? That question was up for discussion at Tuesday night's city council meeting.

Five-term mayor Rusty Quave makes $24,000 from the city. His job description states that he is part time mayor, but during his tenure, city council members say he works continuously and has played a vital role in growing the city working.

D'Iberville residents, business owners, former city leaders and developers shared their thoughts on raising their mayor's salary.

Ward 1 City Council Member Randall Pelous says D'Iberville has a council- manager form of government, which means the city is run by a full time city manager. He says the mayor and city council are all part time, but still play a key role in the city's economic and community development.

Pelous says city officials are considering the pay raise because the mayor works around the clock and has become the key man on several projects. City Manager Bobby Eleuterius says Quave has helped the city take the number 17 spot in the state in sales tax revenue with retail development.

"In order to do this job, you cannot be a part time mayor," said Quave.

Several supporters told council members they want to see the mayor's salary increased.

"He is totally dedicated to the growth and development of D'Iberville. He is a leader, leading us into the future as one of the fastest growing cities here on the Gulf Coast," said one D'Iberville woman.

"I have invested quite a lot of money in D'Iberville and I'm gonna tell you I would have not have done the last investment; I would have not done the first investment had I not known Rusty Quave," said a D'Iberville developer.

One resident said he doesn't think the council should allow the raise unless they change the city's form of government and make the mayor's position full time.

"And so now you're coming up with all this big money that you want to give to the mayor. Well, change the form of government. Make him a full time mayor and I'll go along with it, if you want to give him the big raise. I'll tell you what, let's you guys, the council, put some skin in the game and donate $5,000 and give it to the mayor," said a D'Iberville man.

City leaders the pay raise would not increase taxes. City council members will vote on the increase, but they say they don't have a set date for when that decision will be made.

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