Double Murder Investigation In Gulfport

It was almost 1:00. A BFI recycling truck operator was just about done with his route. Suddenly, he spotted an SUV in parked in a field -- somewhere it didn't belong. The driver said walked up to the Mitsubishi, saw two dead bodies, and called 911.

Gulfport Police Chief Steve Barnes immediately rushed to the grassy field between the new and the old Lorraine Roads.

"We don't know whether it's a murder suicide at this point, or whether it's a double homicide," he said at his initial media briefing. "It's real hard to say. We're really in the preliminary stage."

After the news conference, Barnes went back to the scene. His investigators spent more than two hours looking for clues in and around the SUV.

When asked if they found a murder weapon inside the vehicle, Barnes said, "I can't say at this point."

What the chief would say was that detectives and patrolmen interviewed several Creel Circle neighbors. Nobody heard gunshots, or saw anything unusual.

Once police finished their crime scene investigation, Chief Barnes met the media again.

"At this point, we're treating this as a double homicide," he said. "We're conducting their preliminary investigations. We're going to move the vehicle down to our shop where we can process the vehicle for any additional evidence."

An autopsy was done Tuesday on the two gunshot victims. WLOX News was told the male victim is from this area. But the female was from Louisiana. Their identities had not been released.