Voters speak their minds one month before primary election

BILOXI, MS (WLOX) - On June 3, Mississippi voters will head to the polls to cast their primary ballots in the 4th District congressional race, and a statewide senate race.

Cynthia Brown enjoys walking every morning with her friends. When it comes to congress, one issue is near and dear to her.

"Education of our children and their children that are going to be brought up in this world. They need to know what's what and they need to know the facts," Brown said.

Rob Endt is taking advantage of the cool morning to get some yard work done. When to comes to electing the people who represent him in Washington, he feels strongly about one attribute.

"I'm looking for a candidate that's going to work for the people," Endt explained. "Basically, has the best interest of the people in their heart and whether they are going with their decisions on making political decisions for us."

While many of the voters I talked with both on camera and off have a variety of issues they want to see dealt with in Washington, they're all concerned about the continuing struggles of the economy.

"I think jobs is the big thing that's on everyone's minds, especially for our young kids coming out of college, having a job available for them when they graduate," small business owner Alvin Hayes said.

John Hurt is another voter. "The cost of fuel is just killing so many businesses and hurting so many businesses. And the economy is sluggish, it's not improving. There's almost no growth in anything," Hurt lamented.

For voters like Ajah Ochoa, healthcare is front and center. "Being in the market for a new health plan, I haven't really found any kind of help. We currently have one of those new health plans that they offered us and anywhere that I call, no one accepts it, so it's really hard," Ochoa said.

In four weeks, hard choices have to be made that just might make things better.

Depending on how many votes are cast in the primaries, and how they are divided among the candidates, run-offs could be held in some of the races. The general election will be held in November.

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