Resident wants Diamondhead POA to lower dues

DIAMONDHEAD, MS (WLOX) - A Diamondhead resident is calling on the Property Owner's Association to lower its dues. Virginia Simons, says since Diamondhead incorporated in 2012 the city government has taken over many of the services that the POA once paid for, but POA dues were only dropped 20 percent.

She says that's not enough and she's trying to get the community to support her.

"It's an arrogant bunch of people that are out of touch with the changing demographics of Diamondhead," said Virginia Simons a resident of Diamondhead for three years.

Simons says because she has to pay taxes to the city for things like roads, drainage and law enforcement she feels her POA dues should be lowered. She made large yellow magnetic signs for vehicles and has already handed out dozens to residents like Louis Fuchs.

Simons and Fuchs hope the signs wake up the POA and they hope residents will start questioning the association's decisions.

"I moved here with certain expectations and then we became a city. My taxes pretty well doubled and the POA cut our dues by $15 a month. They should have cut them in half. That's a simple message, but I believe they can do that," said Simons.

Simons says she pays $65 a month to the POA. According to the POA Board President Marshall Kyger the POA signed an agreement with the original developer that requires them to maintain all amenities like the golf course, pools and tennis courts.

Kyger says if the dues were lowered to half of what residents are paying now, the association wouldn't be able to afford those maintenance costs.

Fuchs says dues aren't the only issues he has with the POA. He believes the POA is also out of touch with younger residents.

"When I go to the POA meetings it's a bunch of older guys like myself who you know, are used to being financially comfortable and they make decisions based on those kinds of issues," said Fuchs.

Simons says she'd take these signs down if dues were lowered and new leadership came on board.

"Since they are no longer paying for roads and streets and police protection I don't see why they can't do that," said Simons.

Simons says she has spoken to a few board members who agreed some sort of cut should be made, but Kyger says a cut of 50 percent is just too much.

Kyger also says the POA is making several moves to reaching out to younger residents by refurbishing several playgrounds and ball fields, as well as, building the Diamondhead Sports and Recreation Center.

He says the POA operates under a budget of $7 million a year and $4 million of that comes from citizens. The other $3 million comes from sales from golf rounds, food and beverage and memberships.

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