Pascagoula's Point Park makeover a big hit among locals


Hundreds of people are wasting no time flocking back to a popular Pascagoula recreation and fishing spot that has been closed for months. Point Park reopened to the public Friday after several weather delays. The park has undergone some major improvement work that many locals say they love.

Sammy Grice has been counting down the days until Point Park reopened so he could take his sons out for a day on the water.

"I told the boys it will be good when they are done so we can go out fishing," said Grice.

After months of being closed to complete a $1.4 million makeover, the Grice family was back at the recreation spot enjoying it.

"Before it was potholes everywhere, and now it is good and smooth. You don't have to worry about tearing your vehicle up and driving down in here," Grice said.

"I remember not too long ago not everyone was here, and now we look around and there are tons of people that are coming out here to have fun," Grice's son said.

Pascagoula's Recreation Director, Darcie Crew, said the facelift on the 10 acre site was long overdue, and a lot of work went into this new look.

"The area was graded so it could drain properly, so it would no longer hold water. We have asphalt driveways and we have gravel parking. We have a restroom. We have an amphitheater, and we have handicapped parking and we have parking lot lighting, and it is very beautiful out here," Crew said.

"Now that they did all this stuff it is nicer down here," said Austin Ryan.

Austin rode his bike through the park for the first time and was impressed with the smooth ride. This has always been one of Austin's main hangout spots, and he believes improvements will be a big draw for other locals and tourists.

"I will be glad when they get that amphitheater done. It will be cool when all the shows and stuff start happening, but it is a lot nicer here and will bring a lot more people down, and it will put a lot more money in this town," said Austin.

The project was paid for with CIAP grant funding. Crew said the city is continuing to apply for grants to create more boardwalks, a stage, pavilions and a playground in the area.

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