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36th Tour of Homes is a hit in Pass Christian

Carlisle Place Carlisle Place
Inside home of Jeanne Hines Inside home of Jeanne Hines
Inside home of Jeanne Hines Inside home of Jeanne Hines
Home of Jeanne Hines Home of Jeanne Hines

The annual Tour of Homes was a hit Sunday in Pass Christian as five beautiful homes opened their doors to guests throughout the afternoon.

"People are interested in maintaining what it was before," said Tom Shellnut.

Shellnut is the President of the Pass Christian Historical Society.

"A lot of the antebellum houses are gone, but this one is a pretty faithful reproduction of a 19th century house," said Shellnut.

The grand beachside home, like many along the Gulf Coast, was destroyed during Hurricane Katrina. Homeowner Jeanne Hines spent four years rebuilding it as close to the original as possible. There are a few modern touches thrown in here and there, like electric blinds and glass that turns opaque with the flip of a switch.

"It's an honor to be included, you know," said Hines.

Hines says the hard work put into the house is all worth it when she sees smiling faces walk through her door.

"I like to do it. It doesn't bother me if I have 500 or 5,000," said Hines.

For some guests, tours like this offer inspiration.

"It's very gracious that they open their homes to the public," said Raeline McIntyre.

McIntyre and her family live just down the street and realize how rare it is to be able to see the inside of a house like this.

"There's not a lot of houses quite like this on the Coast," said her husband, Neil.

The oldest home on the tour is known as Carlisle Place and was built in the 1850s. It's the only house on the tour that is actually on the market. If you're looking for a new residence and can spend a healthy seven figures, this historic home may be just for you.

This is the 36th year for the tour of homes. The Pass Christian Historical Society uses the event as a fundraiser for the organization, usually raising around $10,000.

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