Gautier officials talk strategy at annual retreat

GAUTIER, MS (WLOX) - Saturday morning, the City of Gautier held its annual Mayor and Council Retreat. The talk of the day from Gautier's mayor and city councilmen was how city leaders will stay on track to serve the citizens.

"The purpose of the strategic plan is to implement goals, things that we can achieve within a five year period time that we can carry on to the succeeding mayor and council, and make sure five years at a time that we are implementing our long range, comprehensive plan," Gautier City Manager Samantha Abell explained.

Abell says the importance of reviewing that plan is to make sure the values of the mayor and council are being translated into every effort being made by the city.

"We are not focusing on economic development at the expense of community development, but that we are also targeting those quality of life issues at the same time," Abell said.

Abell says that communication is a key component to staying productive and effective when reviewing and executing the strategic plans for the city of Gautier. Having annual workshops like this allows city officials to stay on one accord.

"Without a plan, you're very reactionary. You can have a long range, 20 year, comprehensive plan, which Gautier has, but often times that long range plan has been abandoned for the emergency need of the moment. A strategic plan, so that as you're working on those immediate needs, so that you're addressing both needs of the citizens but you're also moving in the same accord. So you make sure that you are developing," Abell said.

Abell adds that the way Gautier city officials plan is what separates them from other Gulf Coast cities. She also says the strategic planning will continue for the citizens of Gautier.

"When the citizens are interacting with the government, they are clear that our priorities are fostering our neighborhoods, and also helping our economic development to grow so that we can provide a better quality of life," Abell said.

The retreat also featured a list of guest speakers including Greg Cronin, Monte Luffey, Vickie Rivers and Allison Beasley.

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