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Rantankerous: Crab legs and the East-West horse racing rivalry

(Source: Bitstrip/Facebook) (Source: Bitstrip/Facebook)

Rantankerous [ran-tank'uhr-us] (adjective) - A combination of rant [to speak in a wild or extravagant manner] and cantankerous [contentious, disagreeable]. The word is the only suitable description for the arguments between Brian "What We Learned" Tynes and George "Hot Reads" Jones.

(RNN) - Although the great seafood caper that took place at a Tallahassee Publix has been solved, the first pick in the NFL Draft still remains a mystery.

Florida State's Heisman Trophy winning quarterback Jameis Winston was cited after failing to pay for some crab legs. There's not much to debate there, except the manner in which George would eat them. He doesn't peel his oranges, so that calls into question several of his other culinary practices.

There's plenty to debate about the NFL draft, which starts Thursday. Is Johnny Manziel worth drafting early? Are the Browns a good situation for a rookie QB? Brian says no. George says yes.

The Clippers are in the process of ousting their longtime owner, Donald Sterling. He has been banned from the NBA for life and will be forced to sell the team. Reports are suggesting that sale could net him around $1 billion, so we're not completely convinced it's a true punishment.

Also this week is our hard-hitting, in-depth analysis of Saturday's Kentucky Derby, which means we're rooting for two guys who call themselves Dumb-Ass Partners. It's not us, we swear.

The Dumb-Ass Partners (Steve Coburn and Perry Martin) own the favorite, California Chrome, which is trying to break a long winless streak by California-bred horses. Also, Rosie Napravnik is trying to become the first female jockey to win the Derby on longshot Vicar's in Trouble.

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