D'Iberville road crews begin severe weather repairs

D'IBERVILLE, MS (WLOX) - Crews have been hard at work in D'Iberville to repair flood-damaged roads. Heavy rain earlier this week caused major damage to more than a dozen streets in the city.

A cement slab protecting Whetstone Road from flooding got pushed up and moved into a ditch. D'Iberville Road Manager Bobby Simmons said he learned of the problem from nearby residents.

"We came out and investigated and what had happened is it undermined probably half of the road, and so we shut the road down for public safety," Simmons said as he pointed to the damaged road.

Simmons said he and his crew started work on Whetstone Road Thursday morning by cutting out a section of the road, setting up their machines, and getting ready to install a new water pipe.

"We're actually going to get a larger pipe, concrete pipe, that way we shouldn't have any more issues with this situation right here, just because the pipes in here are probably about 40 years old and we're looking at replacing them in stages as we go out," Simmons explained.

Simmons said the new, larger pipe will help keep areas like Whetstone Road from flooding in the future.

"That's going to definitely move water through this point, which also helps relieve a lot of the water pressure and gets it out of the neighborhood faster and puts it into our outflow ditches."

Simmons said if work goes as scheduled, the cut section of Whetstone Road should be open by Thursday of next week. He also said similar work is being done in a handful of neighborhoods across the city.

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