Women volunteer to give a Moss Point resident a new home

MOSS POINT, MS (WLOX) - Ednearl Epps was sick for three years straight until an inspector found black mold in and around her Moss Point home. She was forced to move out of her house immediately and was only able to take the essentials.

"Before Habitat came, I was homeless living out of my car in Atlanta with my daughter and Mobile with my granddaughter," Epps said.

"Her house was in pretty bad shape. It had some black mold, so we came out here and one of my crew men demolished it and started over with the slab," said Habitat for Humanity Construction Manager Terri Breazeale.

This week the walls went up, but it is not your average construction crew doing the work. Many of the volunteers were dressed in pink and most had pony tails underneath their hard hats.

"I have never built anything in my life, not even a bird house," Huntington Ingalls Manager Dorothy Shaw said. "This is not hard. There are people here to help you understand what to do, and you just do it. You feel really great when you are doing it because you are helping somebody."

The woman all left their offices at Huntington Ingalls and the Beau Rivage to volunteer with Habitat for Humanity Women Build to give Epps a home she can live in comfortably.

"We love to be out in the community," Beau Rivage Executive Assistant Lori Deen said. "To help those that are less fortunate, that are in need. It's a team building thing and a great way to help."

At the end of the day when the women hang up their hard hats, they will leave knowing they made a difference.

"I just feel wonderful and loved, and I am blessed," Epps said with a smile on her face.

These women will also take home a few new skills.

" If I ever need to build a house, I'll know what to do," Deen said.

What made it even more special for the Huntington Ingalls volunteers is Epps is a retired shipbuilder. In fact, she was the first woman supervisor at Huntington Ingalls.

If you would like to volunteer, you can call Habitat for Humanity at 228-678-9110 or go to their website http://hfhmgc.com/volunteer/ .

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