Multiple D'Iberville roads forced to close due to flooding

H Street
H Street
Lamey Bridge Road
Lamey Bridge Road
Just off of Highway 67
Just off of Highway 67

D'IBERVILLE, MS (WLOX) - Some coastal areas weren't in the clear just because the rain stopped on Wednesday. Streets near rivers and bays saw flood waters rise as a result of the recent extreme storms. One of the areas impacted the most was a section of Lamey Bridge Road, just north of Johnson Still Road.

The flooding closures didn't come as a surprise to D'Iberville officials. Public Works Director Michael Mullins said the area is used to having to deal with this kind of thing. So, there is a plan in place, and it includes the D'Iberville Police.

"They come up here and they watch the roads. As the roads start getting flooded with water, they start blocking them off," said Mullins.

Putting out warning signs and barricades won't work unless the public pays attention to them.

"Turn around, just like you can see cars doing now," said Mullins, as one car after another saw the signs and made the detour.

Roy Smith heeded the signs. He lives on the west side of the Tchoutacabouffa River and wanted to see what kind of damage was done across the water.

"We get flooded all the time, but I had no idea the river did this," said Smith, motioning toward the standing water where Lamey Bridge Road was once visible.

According to Smith, although it's something the area is used to, problems like this should have a solution.

"We need a better drainage system over at the bridge and this wouldn't happen," said Smith.

Other areas around the river also saw street closures as well. Latasha Franklin and her son, Curtis, live just off H Street, which was shut down as soon as the water started rising.

"It's horrible, if it rains one whole day, we'll flood," said Franklin.

Franklin's whole family has lived on the street for around 30 years. By now, they know what to do when they hear reports of expected heavy rainfall.

"Just start putting everything up high where we can keep it so it don't all get wet," said Franklin.

Along with Lamey Bridge Road and H Street, other road closures in D'Iberville included Road 107, Riverwalk Circle, River View Drive, Cypress Creek Cove and 11 others.

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