WLOX Editorial: Law or no law, don't look at a cell phone while driving

At the last minute before adjourning last month the Mississippi legislature decided not to ban texting while driving. Some contend that a texting ban is just another excuse for police to pull over drivers and restrict individual freedom. So Mississippi remains one of 7 states without a driving and texting ban.

Whether you are driving in Mississippi or some state that prohibits texting and driving, what we really need is for drivers to use common sense. You, the driver, are responsible for guiding a machine that weighs thousands of pounds.

A machine that is capable of doing a lot of damage to people and things if it hits them. So law or no law, don't look at a cell phone while driving. The time it takes to move your eyes from your phone back to the road could mean someone's life.

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Rick Williams
WLOX-TV General Manager

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