Timber Creek residents return as floodwaters recede

BILOXI, MS (WLOX) - What a difference a few hours makes in Timber Creek Estates. As we first told you on WLOX News at 10 on Tuesday night, residents were being evacuated from that Biloxi subdivision as rising water threatened their homes.

By Wednesday morning, it was mostly high and dry.

"There's another one with that four inch pipe," said a Biloxi public works employee, as crews inspected the storm drains in Timber Creek Estates.

While one crew manually checked the storm drains, another worker with a giant vacuum truck pumped out the remaining storm water.

The water lines across the driveways were still visible.

"Just a little bit of sweeping, that's about it," said Jerred Waits, as he looked at his soggy yard and debris covered driveway.

Waits is thankful the rising water never made it inside his house, but he says it got close enough.

"It got up almost to the garage you know, but I wasn't really worried about it too much. I didn't think it was going to get in the house or anything like that," Waits said.

Catherine Wiggins was at her daughter's house when the streets were deep with floodwater and evacuations were underway.

"I wouldn't say the water came up quickly, but the drains. It wouldn't have come up so high if the drains were working right," Wiggins said.

The good news for residents is that once the drains catch up with all that heavy rain, the water disappears rather quickly.

In fact, if you didn't know about the flooding, you'd never guess on Wednesday morning that most of the streets were underwater just a few hours earlier.

"We live on a mountain," Lora Lopez exclaimed, as she stood atop her elevated driveway.

Lopez does live on Rocky Mountain Drive, but this mountain got mighty soggy overnight.

"Yeah, I got worried. This is our first time out there when it flooded like that, so I was a little worried. We have the water line and we marked it and everything. It got pretty deep," said Lopez.

Public works crews found some scrap wood in one storm drain and a child's scooter in another. What they didn't find was any major problems with the drainage system. That means residents may be getting a little nervous again during the next round of heavy rain.

Residents told WLOX News that even though floodwaters often cover the streets and yards during a heavy rain event, the water rarely gets inside any homes at Timber Creek Estates.

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