Pass Christian Cleaning Up Mess

Pass Christian is picking up after the party. The town that hosts one of the biggest Mardi Gras parades on the coast, also faces a massive clean up each year.

It's an unpleasant aftermath parade goers seldom see. The Pass Christian celebration on Sunday, ushered in a rather messy Monday.

"Pretty dad gum messy."

That's how one street cleaner described the mess left behind on West Scenic Drive.

Yet some see opportunity amid the litter and leftovers. Juanita and Pearl Foxworth decided to cash in by picking up aluminum cans.

"I wished I could just get out here and get me a broom and just start whacking and whacking and whacking," Juanita Foxworth said.  "Then whenever they get ready to pick it up, it would be all ready."

Jim Stewart volunteers at the Pass Christian Historical Society. He found less litter on these grounds this year. And credits the city for blocking off the parking lot.

"They barricaded, the city barricaded it off. So there just wasn't that much, that many people back in here obviously. Because it's pretty clean when you get to looking at it," Stewart said.

Dealing with the "day after" may not be the most pleasant work for city crews. But it does have a few perks. Decent beads can be recovered. Jim Schivers found several necklaces worth salvaging.

"I guess the only good thing about picking up all this stuff, getting a little extra stuff that we didn't get yesterday."

The Pass Parade took only a few hours. The post parade recovery will take slightly longer. City work crews expect the streets will be back to normal by mid week.