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Pit bull owners united to show positive side of the dog breed

JACKSON, MS (Mississippi News Now) -

A group of dog owners united Saturday to put a positive spotlight on a breed that's received negative attention for years.

NeNe is a loved and loveable full bred pit bull.

NeNe's owner Valerie Hicks wants to show the public through her event "I am a Pit Bull Owner Day," that she believes well trained, friendly pit bulls like NeNe are actually more common than you think.

"They are great family dogs we are the majority," said Hicks.

The majority of news on pit bulls making the news is negative.
In the last several weeks WLBT has covered stories on four-year-old Victoria Mullins who was attacked by pit bulls in Simpson County. Most recently, three-year-old Christopher Malone was killed by pit bulls in Holmes County...where the Sheriff now wants to ban the breed.

"There are so many attacks from dogs going on, but the only ones anyone reports are the pit bulls," said Hicks.

The group of pit bull owners who came out to Saturday's event promotes safety through responsible pet ownership. In part that means not chaining dogs up or using them to fight and become aggressive.

Dixie is a pit bull training to become a therapy dog.

"They're useful dogs they are loving dogs they love attention they are just a great all around dog it's how they are trained," said Libby Shewin, a dog trainer.

Organizers of today's event say pit bulls are often mistaken for other dogs when picked up and categorized by animal control.

"A lot of these dogs that get into these bite statistics are called pit bulls when they're really mixes of many different breeds combined so it shouldn't be blamed on just the pit bull' said Hicks.

The dog owners believe pit bulls are extremely loyal pets who get a bad reputation when placed in the wrong hands. Some of the pit bull owners we talked to say legislation banning dangerous dogs should be based on individual dogs and not an entire breed, like the pit bull.


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