Volunteers help Biloxi become clean and green

Biloxi Bay Chamber of Commerce cleans up a section of Biloxi Beach
Biloxi Bay Chamber of Commerce cleans up a section of Biloxi Beach
Free trees at Biloxi Town Green
Free trees at Biloxi Town Green

BILOXI, MS (WLOX) - The people of Biloxi took advantage of the beautiful weather on Saturday and held a special cleanup day for the city. The Great American Cleanup is something the city has taken part in for many years.

"It's just our responsibility to do the right thing," said Gina Ross-Seamans, Executive Director of the Biloxi Bay Chamber of Commerce.

Ross-Seamans says that's what the Great American Cleanup Day is all about; trying to get volunteers to feel a responsibility to help their cities become clean and green. She and other members of the chamber got to work on cleaning up a section of beach.

"Mother Nature can only do so much, and we've got to protect our birds and our sea life," said Ross-Seamans.

It wasn't just about cleaning up the beach. Another part of the initiative provided free shade trees at the Biloxi Town Green. Lisa Wiseman was able to grab one of the trees before they were gone.

"I've never seen this done before," said Wiseman. "It's fabulous. I mean to get people to appreciate the coast."

Wiseman said this inspired her to pay it forward. After picking up her free tree, she wanted to go start picking up trash. That's the kind of thing Kay Carter likes to hear. She is the manager of downtown services and was at the helm of this cleanup effort.

"What we've encouraged people to do is to clean up near your office, your home, your school, a park you pass by and notice that it needs a little bit of help," said Carter.

Carter said this is something the city tries to do every year in conjunction with Earth Day. She doesn't want this day to be the only day that people make an effort to clean up the city.

"We'll have some trash bags left over, so if you missed out today, call us up and we'll give you some for next time," Carter said with a smile.

Individuals, businesses, organizations and other groups were invited to participate in the cleanup efforts over the past week. The day was made possible by a partnership between Harrison County and the City of Biloxi.

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