Casino Donates Beds To Hurricane Victims

Housekeeping at the Bay View Hotel in Biloxi never looked quite so frantic.

On Sunday, the hard working staff wasn't even working for tips.

Instead, they were volunteers helping the Gulf Coast Chapters of the Kiwanis Clubs help others.

"Gosh, we're almost running into each other Don but we're having a good time," says Dennis Oliver of the Kiwanis of the Gulf Coast. "Grand Casino called us several weeks ago and said they had some bedding. Would the Kiwanis be interested in getting it to needy people. We said certainly, we'll jump on that."

The donated beds are provided by the Grand Casinos Bay View and Island View Hotels.

The work of removing them and redistributing them is being managed by the Kiwanis.

"We contacted the Salvation Army to haul it and we contacted the Junior R.O.T.C. at Biloxi High School, and that's all of the young folks you see up here today", says Oliver

Oliver says these beds will go to needy people here and the still desperately needy in hurricane ravaged points eastward.

"We have some needy people in the area, but they'll be headed to Florida. They'll go through Mobile and just where ever the need is, that's where they'll end up," says Oliver.

For the next several Sundays Kiwanis Crews will be back removing mattress sets from different floors until hundreds of beds are out of here and on their way to those in need of a good night sleep.