Local Democrats Talk About What Went Wrong

The outcome of this year's presidential election is leaving some Mississippi Democrats with mixed emotions both of optimism and disappointment.

They say while they're excited Senator John Kerry got more support in Mississippi than their party expected, they still were not able to win the White House.

During the Harrison County Democratic Executive Committee meeting party members talked about where their party went wrong and their plans to create a different outcome in 2008.

Merry Lynn Brennan has a pretty good idea why the presidential election did not turn out the way she'd hoped.

"I think that the Republicans and George Bush and Carl Rove did a better job getting their message out than John Kerry and the Democratic party," Brennan said.

During the campaign, Democrats say President Bush kept his message simple and somehow convinced most of the country that if you're against him you're against strong moral values.

"People identify with a certain set of values with George Bush as the leader of a party and come to see it in too simple a set of terms where if you're against him then you're against values without real consideration of what values entail," said Harry Ferguson.

Democrats feel they must do more to get their message out among Mississippi voters especially since the state's governor, senators and two of its congressmen are all Republican.

Democrats say it's time to think on a more local scale.

"Focus on school boards," said Ferguson. "Focus on boards of supervisors and focus on city councils. From that platform grow first to a congressional district level and from there a state level and then onward and upward."

Brennan isn't ready to give up either.

"We're just going to keep on working and keep on standing up for what believe and we'll have a person to run for office and hopefully he'll be elected," Brennan said.

Democrats say what happens with the White House four years from now depends on the war, economy, and of course who decides to run.