Sheriff Says Shooters Hit The Wrong House

Jackson County Deputies are investigating a drive-by shooting Sunday morning in St Martin.

Officials, however, say the suspects shot up the wrong house and Jackson County Sheriff Mike Byrd says the motive may be retaliation.

It all started around 8:30 Sunday morning at a home on Dismuke Avenue, near the corner of Lemoyne Blvd and Sundown Avenue. The residents of the home were inside at the time, but deputies say no one was injured.

Neighbors we spoke with were too afraid to appear on camera, but one person did show us where the eight bullets struck the home.

Other neighbors say there have been many other shootings in this area and they are in constant fear for their lives.

As for a motive in the shooting, Sheriff Byrd says the shooters were targeting the home of Ricky Le, but ended up open firing on the home right next door instead.

Le was arrested this past Tuesday in South Carolina in connection with a separate drive-by shooting back in May. He is currently in jail in Jackson County.

Sheriff Byrd believes whoever is responsible for this shooting was retaliating against Le.

As for the investigation, witnesses gave deputies a description of the vehicle they say was involved.Witnesses say it was as an older model van, tan in color, with several people inside wearing hooded sweatshirts.

Witnesses also say at least one person got out of the van and was seen walking around with a gun. Neighbors describe him as an Asian man in his late teens or early twenties.

If you have any information regarding this case please call the Jackson County Sheriff's Department at 872-7997