What to know when applying for summer jobs

SOUTH MISSISSIPPI (WLOX) - As summer approaches, students will be looking for part time work to keep them busy, and local businesses will be looking to hire them. That's where staffing agencies like Kelly Services come in handy.

"There is an increase in the summer. A lot of people coming home from college, teachers being off for summer, that type of thing we see an increase," said Robyn Tennyson, who is a manager at Kelly Services in Gulfport.

Tennyson says there are plenty of summer jobs out there. While Kelly Services has not seen a spike in job seekers just yet, some local retailers say they have.

"They start putting them in about the end of March, first of April. We've got about 40 applications that we're looking at right now," said Terri Flint.

Flint has worked for Gulfport Prime Outlets for the past seven years. She has interviewed her fair share of summer job seekers. Her advice to applicants is to not limit your availability. She says that is the first thing she looks for.

Store managers at both Edgewater Mall and Gulfport Prime Outlets say summer hiring is a little different here on the coast, because summer is their busiest time of year

"We're geared towards tourism. We benefit from Cruisin' the Coast. We benefit from spring break. We benefit from the music festival," said Toby Kelly, who is store manager for J.C. Penney in Edgewater Mall.

Both store managers we talked to say if you're looking to make a few extra bucks this summer, get your applications in now.

According to state economist Darrin Webb, there is no way to predict whether there will be an increase in jobs on the coast this summer.

Store managers we talked to said they expect to hire about the same amount of help as they do every year.

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