D'Iberville repairs underway thanks to new funding system

New 4' X 10' culverts installed under Neal Drive
New 4' X 10' culverts installed under Neal Drive
New 4' X 10' culverts installed under Neal Drive
New 4' X 10' culverts installed under Neal Drive

D'IBERVILLE, MS (WLOX) - One of D'Iberville's oldest neighborhoods is getting a drainage system overhaul. It's something residents say has been needed since the neighborhood was built.

A plan to fix the drainage problems in Forest Cove has been in the works for almost 15 years, but the missing factor was funding. Now, a new administration has given the city what it needs to move forward.

City Manager Bobby Eleuterius allocated $100,000 from the city's general fund to each council member for repairs.

"We decided to pool together and start doing these major drainage projects in Forest Cove and all over the city," said Councilman Randall Pelous.

Pelous said the way the council is sharing resources is really helping to get the jobs done.

Another factor helping move the projects along is the relationship between the Harrison County Road Department and the city.

"The partnership is wonderful, and that's the way we want to keep it," said Pelous.

The Forest Cove neighborhood has dealt with flash flooding problems for years, but Pelous says the city hopes to change that.

"These box culverts will carry three times the amount of water that was going through here," said Pelous.

Along with the improved culverts, the drainage ditch was also straightened, making for an easier flow when heavy rainfall occurs. For resident Carl Tippitt, this is great news. He's been living in the neighborhood since 1977.

"When they built this subdivision, they didn't build any drains under the streets anywhere," said Tippitt.

His yard floods during heavy rainfall which prevents him from getting out of his house.

"Well, it's got to help it because people are afraid, you know. They're afraid they're going to flood," said Tippitt.

Now, he hopes to be sitting dry in his home the next time a storm blows through.

The Forest Cove project will cost the city around $130,000 and will take another month to complete. With the new sharing system in place, these funds have been easy to come by.

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