Peter Anderson Festival Kicks Off In Ocean Springs

Thousands of people fill the streets of downtown Ocean Springs Saturday for the annual Peter Anderson Festival, an event that has showcased the talents of painters, potters, and craftsmen now for 26 years.

"We have artists here from Canada, California, Oklahoma, Texas, Arkansas, they come from everywhere. This is one of Southeast Tourism's top 20 events for about ten years standing so we're just very thrilled with it," said Ocean Springs Chamber of Commerce assistant director Gaye Aultman.

And the public seems to be too, and who could blame them.

Every corner was filled with beautiful works of art including designer pens, quilts, pottery, and of course, food.

We even saw art come to life before our very eyes.

"It's real nice, it brings the community together and everybody can get out and you see people you know and friends and enjoy the day," said John Ball.

And when it comes to this festival, it appears that its success involves mixing the old with the new.

We found an artist new to the festival, handweaving with mohair and silk.

"It's one of the oldest art forms or its a necessity form. You know, anything that you wear or use in its textile was woven. So it's paleolithic, they did it way back and it's always been down. It's a common link between almost all civilizations and all people is handweaving," said weaver Mary-Margaret Dillon.

So whether you are in to handwoven scarves, or looking like a doll, the Peter Anderson Festival offers almost everything needed to help you look like you have it made in the shade.

It continues Sunday from 9am to 4pm.