Convicted Killer Sentenced to Death

It's been nearly 20 years since a Harrison County jury sent a convicted killer to death row but that is just where 25-year-old Jason Taylor is headed.

On Saturday morning a jury convicted Taylor of killing 18-year-old Michelle Cazeaux during a robbery back in October of 2002. On Saturday night they decided he should pay with his life.

Tears of pain gave way to tears of relief as Michelle Cazeaux's family left a Harrison County courtroom with the news they'd been waiting on for more than two years.

The man convicted of killing Michelle will pay for that crime with his life.

"There's no comfort in death but when you do something you have to face the consequences," said Michelle's mother Judy Cazeaux. "I turned it over to a jury a year ago and I got beyond what I felt. He had his justice and it'

In 2002, Cazeaux's boss found her body inside a Gulfport store on Highway 49.

During the trial prosecutors set out to prove Jason Taylor robbed and killed Cazeaux and that the 25 year-old deserved to die.

"I think this jury as all juries do have a very difficult job and I think this jury saw the facts and weighed those and I think they considered this young man's age but in this case what he did was too bad," said prosecutor Li

Judy Cazeaux says she holds only Taylor responsible for her daughter's death. In spite of her grief.. she has compassion for his family

"His family is hurting just as bad as my family because they lost someone too and they have to deal with things now too. No one should hold it against that family for something their son done," sai

The Cazeaux family says they've waited a long time to see justice done for Michelle and they're grateful to everyone who helped make that happen.

During the sentencing phase a psychiatrist testified that Jason Taylor's drug abuse could have impaired his judgment but that at the time of the murder Taylor did know right from wrong.

The last person to receive the death penalty in Harrison County was Roger Thorson back in 1988.