Army Reservist Heading To Kuwait Say Good-Bye

Members of the 412th stood at attention paying respects to the flag they'll soon hold high when they arrive in the Middle East.

38 reservists were thanked for serving their nation during this special farewell ceremony Saturday.

Answering that call means bidding farewell to family, friends, and their country.

"I'm going to miss them and I'm sure they'll miss me," Reservist Herbert Schultz says.

Saying goodbye is nothing new for Schultz.

"He was activated two months last year, six months this summer, and now," Schultz's wife Sherry Schultz says.

But this grandfather of two says he doesn't want to let his emotion stand in the way of his duty.

"Somebody has to do it, so why not us," Sherry Schultz says.

While for some this may be nothing new, others like Precious Sibley are saying goodbye for the first time.

"I am so proud of my daughter. I really am," Diane Sibley says to her daughter Precious.

This family may soon be separated by an ocean, but they say the distance will not stop them from staying in touch.

"Write, e-mails, telephone. We are going to keep in touch" Both Precious and Diane Sibley say.

Marvin Bratton is also saying farewell to his family for the first time.

"I don't see how it's not going to be hard. It's hard already," Bratton's wife Danielle Bratton says.

These good-byes are perhaps made even more difficult because this deployment means these men and women will not be home for holidays.

Family members say all they can do is hope they'll return home safely to celebrate the holiday season next year.