Child's Legacy Inspires Benefit Race

More than 600 people took off from the runway at Keesler Air Force Saturday morning.

Their destination, reaching the finish line in the battle against Pediatric Cancer.

"We had an amazing turn out today and really I think it's a testament to the purity of our cause and the fact that there's a lot of people who care an awful lot about kids with cancer," said organizer Mike Marston.

Marston, a Technical Sergeant at Kessler Air Force Base is certainly one of those people.

His daughter Sarah fought her own battle with a brain tumor more than 5 years ago.

"It's impossible to walk away from an experience like that and not feel like you've got to continue the fight, like you've got to continue helping other people who are currently going through it. And really that's Sarah. This event has got Sarah's hand prints all over it," said Marston.

Tragically, Sarah lost her fight just short of her 7th birthday.

When Mike told his Commander Lt. Coronal Tom Lyga Sarah's story the "November To Remember" 5-K Run for the National Childhood Cancer Foundation was born.

"He's been through the hardest battle of his life and he's turned it into something incredibly positive for the entire cancer community. It's the families who bring this home for everybody and we have 9 families that are here today, and they are the face of childhood cancer and it's our job to protect them and to help them heal," says Mary Lane Akers, the Associate Director of Special Projects with National Childhood Cancer Foundation:

And thanks to Mike it's a job that is shared by many more on this day and for many more Novembers to Remember to come.

"I still have a storm that is raging pretty hard in my heart and doing things like this really helps,." says Marston