Gautier storm victims ask for help after losing everything

GAUTIER, MS (WLOX) - A Gautier couple is in desperate need of help after Mother Nature destroyed their home and everything they own. They lived in the Santa Maria RV Park where just one week ago a storm tore through the campground.

"Me and my husband have worked so hard for this and this is what we have left," Debra Dales said, pointing to a pile of debris that was once their camper.

"Well, we lost everything. Our vehicles were also destroyed under the camper," Harold Robbins said.

"See all this stuff? My table, couch, awnings are all ruined," Dale said.

The two had just moved into a camper at the Santa Maria RV Park to save money for a home. Late last year, they lost everything in a house fire. Not even a year later, their lives have been turned upside down again.

"I have no words; I just don't know," Dale said.

"It is overwhelming to start over again, and all your goals and your dreams put back, to start over and over again."

The storm victims said they've been spending most of their time mapping out a plan to rebuild and trying to salvage what they can.

"All you do is pick up and move on. It is not about what happens to you, but what you do next," said Robbins.

They admit moving forward will be a challenge, because they didn't have insurance on the camper.

"We have nothing. His mom lets us use her camper for a little while," Dale said.

The couple is now reaching out to South Mississippians for help after losing everything.

"I would like to get some place to live. That would be great," Robbins said.

"Businesses, churches and just anybody that can help reach out just to help a little. We would be so grateful and so thankful, just anybody," Dale said.

If you would like to donate to these storm victims or help them find a temporary home, call Harold Robbins at (850) 206-5381.

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